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5 tips for keeping skin clear and glowing post workout

Exercise is great for the mind and body. It helps maintain fitness, boosts mood and can improve the appearance of your complexion. But not practicing proper skincare after working out can cause inflammation, congestion and breakouts. Here’s our go-to advice to help keep your skin less greasy and more glowing post sweat session.

Ditch the workout kit ASAP

Although they are SO comfortable, gym clothes like leggings and compression tops aren’t very breathable. They can trap oil and sweat close to your skin throughout your workout, which can result in congested pores and body breakouts. Remove you gym kit as soon as you can post workout and put it in a La Pochette Sweat Bag (which is antimicrobial and deodorising.) If possible, shower at the gym, but if this isn’t possible, grab a shower as soon as you get home.

Don’t skip your cleanse

Opt for a gentle yet nourishing cleanser, such as Dirty Faace to remove sweat, debris and old makeup without irritating the skin for a healthy post-workout glow. The perfect wash, with plant-based natural surfactants derived from coconut fatty acids, Dirty Faace whips up a creamy lather without drying out the skin, while rose water, aloe extract and glycerin help stop any other moisture in the skin’s dermis getting rinsed down the drain. Purifying ingredients provide gentle exfoliation and ward off breakouts, making this a great post-exercise cleanser.

Consider essential oils

Simone Stevens, qualified aromatherapist says, “most essential oils are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial to some extent, which when trying to fight the effects of sweat can be magic! Remember never use neat, directly on your skin, but when blended with the right ingredients some of those magic oils can work wonders for your face”. Sweaty Faace is the perfect post-workout mask, giving overworked skin a much-needed refresh with essential oils such as grapefruit oil, bergamot oil, lavender oil and patchouli oil to soothe, add buoyancy and fight breakouts. And the best bit is it can be just left on the skin post cleanse.

If your gym bag is getting a little overcrowded, we recommend decanting your Dirty Faace or Sweaty Faace into these leak proof La Pochette Travel Pots for space saving convenience.

Make sure you put back in

Working out can send your skin into a sweaty frenzy, which can result in more redness than usual. Sweat can also cause skin to become dehydrated. Calm your complexion with an anti-inflammatory rich moisturiser. Stress Faace is ideal for composing and rebalancing frazzled skin, with ingredients such as neurophroline and niacinamide to add clarity and strengthen your skin barrier, as well as Japanese rice bran oil and jasmine to hydrate. Don’t forget to reapply SPF if you’re stepping out in the day.

Rehydrate from the inside out

Perspiring from a high intensity workout can leave you feeling a little dehydrated, so make sure you replenish you and your skin by drinking enough water. It’s also worth keeping in mind your diet, try to avoid snacks high in saturated fat and instead opt for foods rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids for a hydrated, glowy complexion.