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Where Did it Begin?

A few things led to the creation of La Pochette:

Looking like pack horse on our way to work with outrageously sized gym bags.

300 flights in a year with 300 utterly useless plastic liquids bags, burst shampoo bottle erupting from said bags, leaving unexplained stains.

Turning up at meetings with the delightfully fresh scent of sweaty kit from our last spin class because we are trying to keep up with fitness whilst doing a 14 hour days.

Opening our suitcase and finding the insufficient plastic bag holding our bikini has ruined a new Celine clutch after a last ‘my-holiday-hasn't-ended-yet’ frantic swim.

Finding the Solution

For most people, fitness isnt something that just happens on a Wednesday night between 7 and 8pm because there isnt anything on TV.

Its part of daily life; we grab the opportunity for that serotonin high or relaxing wind down when we can.

Our lives flow in and out of fitness, we run home if the weather is fine, we join a friend on the mat on a whim and take the paid-for class a colleague couldnt make after all.

Its not 'having to workout', its a pleasure thats integrated into our lives seamlessly whether we are in, out or about.

We socialise with our run crew, feel at home in our spin class and love the sense of community we feel sharing our home workout PBs with virtual training buddies.

So why were the practicalities of storing clean and dirty kit preventing easy transitions in our day?

The traditional gym bag needed innovation, considered design with a dash of style.

Enter La Pochette. For wherever your fitness takes you.