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Technology’s reputation is getting a makeover. No longer the enemy of our health, we are now increasingly turning to our wearable tech and apps to support our ability to measure, monitor and maintain our body and mind.

Championing this volte-face is wellness tech advocate Terrence the Teacher trusted Clinical Hypnotherapist and Neurolinguistics practitioner to the fashion set, (Christian Louboutinnamed a shoe after him) as well as Mindfulness expert at Harrods Wellness Centre. His legion of fans invariably speak of him as having changed their life, although he maintains that he simply “empowers people, I’m only the teacher”.

Terrence recognised technologies potential to help people 6 years ago when he launched his first Train Trip App, a self-discovery journey via guided hypno-therapeutic audio tracks. The first dealt with achieving your ideal weight whilst the second helped users reconnect with their natural ability to sleep. Tellingly, both went to number 1 in App stores and prompted the launch of Tranceform 3T the following year.

After a life-changing health scare in 2014, Terrence brought Mindfulness and Meditation to the forefront of his personal process whilst also illuminating its benefits to his clients. “We all need help and we all need a support system” he explains “traditionally we used therapists and medication, but people have evolved and are now aware that they can do this naturally and in a healthier way.”

At the same time, he recognised that we can’t all be fitness gurus and instantly understand mediation and mindfulness, “everyone says you have to do it, but few have a clear understanding of what it its or how you can achieve it”. Roll on 2018 and Terrence has a ground-breaking solution - a first of its kind meditation app ‘Breathe with Terrence’ which utilises ‘chatbot’ technology to ensure that a one-on-one meditation is always at hand whilst promoting habitual meditation.

The daily programme of breathing exercises and meditation led by Terrence progressively builds day by day and can be shaped to suit the user’s lifestyle flow so even the most demanding schedule can be accommodated. The app gently reminds and supports through the cutting edge ‘chatbot’ technology which is interspersed with the audio meditations, helping nurture a natural connection between mindfulness and its user.

Terrence’s mission is show those who previously struggled with mediation how simple the practice of being mindful can be, “it’s just a breath…and then you build on it” and cleverly harnesses the ever-present nature of our personal technology to keep you on track whenever and wherever. He acknowledges the hectic nature of modern life and believes that the current wellness movement is “an instinctive reaction to our hectic daily life”.

The key to winning at modern life? “Nurture, nurture, nurture. Mind, Body, Soul.” We hear you!

The ‘Breathe with Terrence’ Mindfulness App is available todownload now.

Private consultations can be arranged via The Wellness Clinic, Harrods.



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