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Changing Face of Festivals

We are almost sad to say that Festival boho is finally over, so put away those floaty skirts, rainbow wellies and dodgy flower crowns because the summer of 2019 has an entirely new outlook. The new look reflects our collective growing consciousness around sustainable living and a culture of substance alongside style. Impractical, throwaway fashion is out, biodegradeable glitter and utilitarian is most definitely in.

Want to ensure you friends can spot you across a crowded field of 100,000 people? Go Neon. The 90s nostalgia trend rolls on with fluro sure to be standing loud and proud at every festival this year be it clothing or accessories. Pair one of our fluro Anywhere Everywhere wallets with Californian inspired tie-dye for the ultimate throwback moment…and ensure your valuables stay safely stowed away from the mud...

Mud we hear you question? Well, yes, not such a problem this summer with its seemingly endless days of blue skies. But whilst we are on the subject, ensure you stay hydrated and take a refillable bottle with you, most festivals having eschewed the selling of single use plastic which causes mountains of waste after the party is over.

New festival dressing is all about practicality, as seen in the shift from heavy, hot and frankly mad painful unyielding Wellingtons to super chic, comfortable and ever-functional heavy tread boots. A practical yet stylish approach is close to our hearts, why not reinvent your Sweat Bag from gym kit pouch to laundry bag? Its antimicrobial fabric means your dirty and even wet clothing will stay safely stowed, odour free in your tent.

Our last recommendation is to go hands free. No, we aren’t talking about a bum bag. Grab a No Excuses pouch, made from recycled plastic bottles no less, and store your phone and valuables away from showers in its waterproof compartment, pop its wristlet on and hey presto – secure storage for on the go.

So, everything you need for festival fun. The only thing we cant help you with is finding your tent at the end of the evening.