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Fitty London founder Laura Fullerton is on a mission to bring the latest in fitness and nutrition straight to your doorstep. Every box is bursting with newness from the UK fitness scene, giving you the chance to discover the best in workout, recovery, food and drinks products – sourced, vetted and rigorously tested for you. We caught up with her to hear more.

Laura, tell us about how Fitty London works?

So, Fitty is the original health and fitness box. Our mission is to help people perform at their best, mentally and physically. And that’s why we make beautifully curated boxes, bursting with the very best nutritional foods and workout products. In our current range there’s The Yoga Box, The Running Box, and The Paleo Box. Currently they’re one-off boxes, but we might be bringing a subscription option in soon…

What inspired you to turn an idea into reality?

I guess I’ve always had an entrepreneurial streak, but the honest answer is that I’m impatient and impulsive! I’d had the idea for a while, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was so exciting and something I was so passionate about, and I figured if I didn’t do it someone else would. 

Plus, I was so frustrated that most of the ‘healthy’ products out there were full of industrial vegetable oils and awful ingredients, and I wanted a way to cut through the junk, and so Fitty’s purpose was to curate a selection of genuinely incredible products – essentially doing the hard work so other people don’t have to. This problem definitely spurred me on to turn it into reality. 

The life of an entrepreneur can be hectic, how do you maintain a healthy work life balance?

It is indeed very hectic! Right now I’m really happy with my balance, but it’s taken me a long time to get here. 

One thing that really impacted me, is realising that sleep is SO important. We tend to think it’s something that happens when you’re done with your day (no matter how late you’re working!), but if you flip that on its head and fiercely safeguard your bedtime – that includes winding down before bed and not being sat infant of a screen – you’ll find everything else just flows better. I’ll feel more on the ball, and am more productive and intentional with my time. 

It’s like when people say “I don’t have time to meditate” when actually by meditating, you make more time. I apply the same logic to seeing friends and exercising – they’re both non-negotiables in my diary, and they make me a better, happier person. 

How do you choose the brands select to work with?

We have two strict rules: absolutely no industrial vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, and products have to have less than 30% sugar (the only exception to this are products in the running box, where you might need extra glucose for the endurance). We thoroughly check out the ingredients and generally the brand, so they’re truly hand-picked, and I’m proud to turn down 70% of brands who want to feature because they’re not good enough. Even when companies have tried to pay their way in, we’ve always stayed true to our values.

Fitty connects people to the hottest brands on the health and fitness scene, what’s your recommendations for Summer 2019?

Medicinal mushrooms are really in the spotlight in the moment, and my favourite is Four Sigmatic’s mushroom coffee (trust me, it’s great!). To go down the ’spring clean’ route, I highly recommend Symprove’s probiotic – it’s incredible and so many customers who tried it in our Paleo Box said it made a noticeable difference to them. And my third favourite brand right now who I recently discovered, is Natalia Botanicals and their beautiful adaptogenic blends

What products can you not live without in your kit bag?

This sounds like a product plug, but I always have my Fitty resistance band, as it’s the best way to wake up glutes before any workout! I also have an Arete Complete sweat towel (they come in the most amazing prints and are brilliant!), and Alitura face wash, so I can clean my face properly after! 

Check out the latest Paleo box at Fitty London or @fittyldn for news on upcoming boxes.