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Disruptive Forces of Fitness

We live in a time of disruption with almost every industry touching our lives today experiencing profound change. The fitness industry is rising to the challenge and embracing change by engaging with emerging technologies and seeking innovative thinkers to transform and benefit our active life.

Here’s how:

Generation Gym: NEXT

Whilst the growing trend for ‘at home fitness’ has been widely reported in the media - fuelled by countless new apps and digital subscriptions - the physical gym space has been quietly undergoing an evolution of its own. Le Journal has previously reported on fitness destinations aiming to harness the power of its clients workouts in an eco-friendly way such as Terra Hale. Their three London studios offer members the opportunity to keep fit whilst demonstrating their environmental credibility. Elsewhere with boutique Spin studio, Digme, its superior technology takes the spotlight, where a sophisticated data system allows you to track progress and measure your data with workouts emailed to you or linked to your Strava accounts to motivate you class by class.

And now further innovation; womens lifestyle publisher The Stylist Group this week announced the launch of the Stylist Strong fitness studio in May this year to be located in Womens Members Club Allbright. With a focus on strength training – previously perceived as a male orientated training space – this new concept will combine a studio setting with a content platform to inform and support “At its heart, it’s a workout program for busy urban women,” Ella Dolphin, CEO of The Stylist Group is quoted as saying. “We’re starting with a studio as opposed to content; the studio becomes the content: We’re doing it in reverse.”

Team Spirit

Cyclists rejoice – cycling lifestyle brand Rapha’s collaboration with global fashion software company Unmade now offers a customisation design service, Rapha Custom, allowing teams with as little as five riders to create a bespoke kit with limitless choice on colours and layouts.

Unmade’s vision is to create a meaningful solution to end mass production and mass consumerism and instead focus on short run custom limited editions which support local production. Teams can now design and manufacture digitally printed kit to scale applying bespoke logos and team colours in easy to use and shareable templates via a team portal. In a complete re-invention of the made to order kit design system, the fully digitalised customer experience offers seamless solution and delivery within eight weeks.

Game Face

Work it, don’t fake it. That’s the mantra of FaceGym, disrupting our approach to facials for a few years now with their non-invasive facial workouts. The active beauty brand has gone a step further with its latest innovation, the Training Stick, which is designed to be applied before, during and after exercising.  Activated by your personal heat and moisture triggered by motion during your session, the high functioning Training Sticks are available in four unique formulations and are packed full of skin boosting elements which slowly release deep into the epidermis during your workout. So, the harder you work, the better the sticks will perform. No pressure then…

The New Loyalty Card

The cult of the trainer is nothing new, but Nike’s virtual pop-up is for serious sneaker freaks and signals the future of online sportswear shopping. The global apparel giant has launched an online store to celebrate its Air Max 720 launch where, whilst open to all, the only currency welcome is ‘Air Credits’. Codes gathered from previous purchases allow customers to build their virtual wallet and explore exclusive merchandise whilst being assisted by virtual avatars including footballer Raheem Sterling and DJ Peggy Gou.


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