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Sustainable Activewear

Such good intentions – reusable bags when shopping, choosing to eat local produce where possible, refusing plastic straws in our Negroni and whipping out our keep cups or filling up our water bottles at every opportunity.

But what about our increasing obsession with activewear? Recent reports show athleisure outperforming retail which, whilst surely pointing to a positive move to increased activeness, has raised concerns with some about the rising impact of consumer demand on our beautiful world.  

Fear not! The fitness world spoke, and brands listened. Sustainable and ethical have crept into our fashion vocabulary, no longer is it difficult to seek out stylish yet eco conscious activewear brands which use sustainable and recycled materials or give back through charitable causes.

Brands large and small have also looked at longevity, acknowledging that throwaway fashion contributes to our social and environmental issues not to mention needless landfill and instead inviting consumers to think about quality, life cycle and provenance of their products over quantity.

We salute these pioneers and pledge to join them in their mission.

Where can I buy sustainable activewear?

Throughout our collection development we made a conscious effort to ensure that wherever possible we took a sustainable approach including using recycled fibres in our Sweat Bags, Wet Bags and Shoe Box to minimise fabric waste, choosing biodegradeable materials and Vegan textured stamped leather.

Even the products themselves have been designed to function as a long-term - and sartorially superior - replacement of single use plastic bags still routinely used in our everyday whether we are in the gym or travelling.

After all, to quote Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, at this year’s British Fashion Awards – it’s cool to be kind.  



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