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How To Master Your Day With Rebekah Brown, Founder of MPowder

La Pochette talks ripping up the rulebook and mastering the daily ‘grind’ with Rebekah Brown, founder of the plant-based supplement brand MPowder

Crafted using only plant-based nutrients and vitamin sources, MPowder is a natural supplements company that creates different powder blends aimed at women going through the three different biochemical stages of the menopause.

Rebekah founded the brand after her own turbulent perimenopause journey. Despite displaying multiple symptoms that were wreaking havoc with her life, Rebekah was initially turned away by her GP because she was ‘too young’ to have menopause in her mid-forties.

Driven by a need to understand what was happening and a growing frustration with the solutions available to women, MPowder was born. La Pochette caught up with Rebekah to find out more about her personal journey, as well as what keeps her motivated and ahead of the game through the power of a daily routine.

What’s your go-to breakfast to keep you energised for the day ahead?

Scrambled egg, lentils, tomatoes, and any leftover green leaves in the fridge! I like them all muddled together. I've found my body craves protein as I transition through menopause and this keeps my energy levels high.

What supplements do you reach for in the morning?

I religiously take MPowder every morning at around 11.00am. Like many in our community, I initially struggled with routine. But this ritual replaces my coffee break. I start work early, so it's also an opportunity to just be still for a few minutes whilst the blender works its magic!

What’s your favourite way to workout at the moment and how do you incorporate it into your time?

2022 saw me fall in love with weights! I'd always been wary of gyms and lifting, but now I am a complete convert. And shifting from a focus on dress size to strength, flexibility and longevity has transformed my relationship with my body too.

Tell us, as a busy CEO - are there any apps/tech you swear by that help you manage your day?

  1. for saying ideas out loud into my phone that magically get transcribed into notes!
  2. Tortoise media: it's not a business app but a slow news app. It keeps me from doom-scrolling and ensures I focus on the important news instead.

What inspired you to launch MPowder?

My own perimenopause journey was very bumpy. I was CEO of a planning and research agency and over the period of about six months, slowly fell apart. The worst symptoms for me were anxiety, sleeplessness, hair loss and hormonal acne. Worse still though, was not knowing what 'it' was.

I often say that the skills I'd learned in my career saved me. When my doctor told me I was burned out I instinctively knew something else was going on. So I did what I had to be trained to do, I started researching! I read everything I could find. I met with amazing doctors and practitioners. I hustled my way into medical conferences.

I tried everything I could too - become a perimenopausal guinea pig, monitoring and evaluating impact! For me, the biggest improvement came when I rethought my nutrition. But I also knew that my path back to wellness included making many little tweaks.

It made me wonder, what if a whole community of us started trying these things together? What if we could track the impact formally with tools and studies? What if we could create solutions from the insights we gather? And that was the beginning of MPowder.

How did experiencing perimenopausal symptoms affect your life as a business woman/CEO and how did you deal with this?

It had a huge impact. I left work as I felt unable to do my job well. But I now know all I needed was the education, tools and community around me. Menopause should be a stepping up point, not a fading away. As women in midlife, we bring immeasurable value to work. And companies need to be actively working to ensure they harness that wisdom.

What excites you the most about your work?

The fact that we ripped up the rulebook to create products and services with the women we look to support. This is a movement, not a company. And I feel supported and excited about what happens when women collaborate to take agency for their health.

Do you have any advice for staying motivated?

Find your purpose. It doesn't have to be within the workplace… but make it your north star.

What does self-care mean to you?

Being kind to myself. Listening in. And prioritising time to do the things I know will make me feel well.

Do you have any predictions for the next big trend when it comes to supplement ingredients?

I am excited about the potential of many plants! And I think we need to be innovating more with nootropics - recognising their potential not just in the 'do more' / 'achieve more' space - but in the field of cognitive function and healthy ageing.

Finally, what’s in your La Pochette?

Lip salve. Too many pens. Hand sanitizer (still) and my tangled headphones. Pack one for yourself: Kit Bag - Ink, £40  

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