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Staying Hygienic At The Gym

We hate to say it, but working out is a dirty business. Whilst we happily smash those PBs in the gym as part of our efforts towards healthy living, it turns out we leave with more than a sense of wellbeing.

A recent study has found that an outrageous 60 per cent of gym bags surveyed were found to have "significant" bacteria contamination. More shocking was the fact that over a third of bags were infested with the coliform bacteria, which is linked to serious diseases. The worst offenders had over seven times the amount of acceptable levels of this particularly nasty bacterium inside.

The unpleasant ecosystem silently brewing in our gym bags is helped along by our daily routine; microbes thriving with damp, sweaty clothing left in closed bags to keep smells at bay under our desks in warm offices. Not usually emptied until we get home, we can often let these conditions fester for over 12hours.

Initial Washroom Hygiene carried out the study which pinpointed leather bags as the worst culprit for germs, its natural properties providing the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive compared to more breathable canvas and nylon bags.

Medical experts suggest that 80% of all infections are passed by hands. When the daily journey of our contaminated gym bags through public transport, busy gyms, offices and our homes is considered we can see how we increase the risk of transferring these bacteria particles and viruses on to others. How many people do you share machines, equipment or yoga mats with every week?

If this wasn’t worrying enough, a study from the University of Arizona found that fecal matter can be found within 30% of gym bags, most likely believed to be the result of bags being placed on floors in public bathrooms and then resting on floors and benches in gym changing rooms.

How to stop your gym kit from smelling

So how can you keep yourself fit in the gym and stay healthy at the same time? Buy a new gym bag every month? Costly. Wash your clothes immediately post work out? Impractical. Wipe insides of your bag with disinfectant after each visit and leave to air dry overnight? Time-consuming.

Fear not! The answer is here, it’s simple and its the Sweat Bag. A lightweight pouch with hanging cord loop (so it never touches the changing room floor), its minimal design allows it to fit easily within your existing day bag or backpack. Sweat Bags water-resistant material offers protection when carried alongside your other belongings whilst its antimicrobial coating prevents bacteria from forming - avoiding kit deterioration and fighting unwanted odours. The best bit? When you get home its machine washable and quick drying so you can face every new class with a fresh kit and a fresh bag.

Oh, and did we mention it not only replaces single use plastic bags given out in changing rooms but its actually MADE from recycled plastic bottles. #winwin