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Instructor Insights - India Bailey from Core Collective

How did you get into teaching at Core Collective?

I moved to the UK from Vancouver 3.5 years ago, and I was adamant about finding a gym that matched up with my morals and convictions — Core Collective truly embodies the name, we are a team that supports not only our clients, but one another, a true work family.


Why Cycle?

Cycle was a passion of mine as a rider (albeit I can’t say it was love at first pedal stroke), but when I moved to London I wanted to be the one to lead the pack and inspire in my own way. I am sure everyone will have a different reason for walking through those doors into that sweaty, dark box (ha ha!) but for me, it’s about being open to vulnerability and to work towards something very freeing, something a little bigger than yourself — and Cycle classes are a time to do this, alongside people who seek to do the same. It’s a true community feel.


How do you keep fit whilst travelling?

Explore the city by foot, and if by the ocean, try to swim in it every day. 


Apart from your own, what classes do you take?

Because Core Collective offers a wide array of classes, it’s easy to fall in love with so much. But particularly I love our Row and TRX Burn classes at Core. It’s also always a nice change of pace (and important) to slow things down and jump in a Yin Yoga class.


What is the one piece of advice you would offer to those taking your class for the first time?

Breathe, be present to the feeling, and have fun! Every time, it gets a little easier and remember that if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Trust the process and the best part? It really works. 


What makes Core Collective special?

Core Collective has such an incredible offering as it includes: friendly, knowledgeable staff who provide great service when it comes to front of house and challenging and effective workouts when it comes to the trainers. The hang out areas showcase beautifully designed interiors, curated art from Maddox Gallery and delicious food & smoothies — which is pretty special. 


What is the one mistake you see most often in your class?

Mostly posture, but this is something that can easily be corrected and takes some practice, so come see me ;)


What should everyone do as part of their warm-up/class prep?

Ensure you are hydrated, and well fuelled as a pre-requisite. If you are hungry or dehydrated this will seriously impact your performance and output on the bike.  

Once on the bike, it’s important you listen to the instructor who will lead you through the warmup segment of the workout, it’s imperative you don’t burn yourself out from the get go and that you slowly get your blood flowing and start to visualise what you want to accomplish in the 45 mins (I find visualisation really works for me and many aspects of my life). This is the time to focus on posture and positioning on the bike, so you have a nice foundation for the rest of the session.


One tip for daily fitness you can do from anywhere?

Physically: Walk, get your steps in — even if it means getting up a little earlier. 

Mentally: Meditate, take the time for your mind so you can be productive and clear in all facets of your life — this can directly link to physical fitness as well. 

You’ll be surprised how much this can help and involves nothing but yourself.


Favourite Quote/Mantra?

If it doesn’t challenge you, it’s not going to change you.


India Bailey is Head of Cycle at Core Collective, click here for studios and class timetables. Follow India at @India_Bailey