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Journal Meets: ABF Founder Amy Brogan

This week we meet Amy Brogan, the former Equinox Pilates Manager and Senior Trainer and now founder of A Body Forever.

A Body Forever changes the narrative with a global access on-demand pilates and Gym based PT workouts with a mindset to match. They empower their clients through knowledge because they firmly believe knoweldge is key to continuous growth. They want you to understand what you are doing and why -  to move with purpose with a mindset to match.


How did you get into teaching?

I’ve been into movement and fitness basically since I could walk. No matter what job I was in or where I was in my life movement and fitness was always by my side. When I turned 30 I had a bit of a life over haul. After I got married that same year my honeymoon became a sabbatical and when I was sitting on a beautiful beach in Central American I knew I didn’t want to go back to my 9-5 job in events. I knew it wasn’t where I wanted to be. I took a leap of faith and I haven’t looked back since.

How did you choose your area of expertise?

I am a natural people person so PT was my first step and I loved it. After doing that for a year I wanted to go deeper into a method. It was between yoga and pilates and I chose pilates because I loved how it was a beautiful blend of fitness with a mindset to match. I love the system and how much it’s taught me about my body and the body in general. It made me better at my craft.

Have you been inspired by anyone in the industry in particular?

A close friend of mine and true pilates legend Marsha Lindsay (now creative director of Nobu pilates). I went in for a group fitness pilates job at equinox and was referred to Marsha to become a full time pilates instructor at e by equinox in at James. At this point I didn’t have my full certification. Marsha took a chance on me. She hired me under the pretence that i would learn the classical system and work in the studio at the same time and learn on the job. She was my teacher trainer and she really was a breath of fresh air. I quickly moved up in equinox and became one of the pilates managers. I owe her a lot.

Also, Christos Niaros - The pilates manage at equinox Kensington. I did all my 1:1 sessions with him. He is a walking classical encyclopaedia. I miss him. 

Apart from your own, what classes do you take?

Well I use to see Christos once a week but now I get my pilates fix by going to Move your Frame in Angel. I started my reformer pilates teacher journey there years ago and I think they are great for contemporary pilates. A lot of my instructors started there. It’s a great platform to grow from.

I also love Jivamukti yoga so I do one session a week online yoga on Udaya. Emma Henry is my favourite. Before the pandemic I would also go to Indaba yoga to Stuart Gilchrists advanced asana on a Sunday. The energy in that room was insane and I loved how he’d take us on a musical journey during our practise.

Do you train at home? what’s your routine?

100%. Honestly I never would have thought I would be that person but the pandemic changed everything for me. For the first time in my life I don’t have a gym I go to and I have only just started going back to reformer.

I split train, this is what a normal week looks like for me:

I train every morning at 6am. I have a lot of free weights, all my ABF equipment, a good mat, a Swiss ball, a yoga wheel, a ab roll out and that’s all I need. I am fitter now than I ever have been. I train for about 45 mins.

Monday - Lower body + core (PT structure)

Tuesday - ABF Pilates

Wednesday - upper body + core (PT structure)

Thursday - yoga

Friday - ABF HIIT

*sometimes switch one out for a reformer or do two pilates. I mix my lower and upper body workouts with some ABF led and others I will just lead myself.

What makes your platform special?

I think ABF is special because our ethos and message is unique. Our focus is different. We are focused on the right things. Education first. Understanding how you are moving and why. I also think this particular way of training is the best. The perfect blend of strength, flexibility with a mindset to match. As a brand we want to make a change. We want to change the narrative in the fitness industry. For too long people have been sold a lie and consumers have been steered in the wrong direction. ABF is not about time frames, it’s forever, it's the everyday, the ups, the downs and finding the beauty in the journey. No quick fixes. No promises. It’s about tuning into you as an individual, listening to your body, changing your own narrative, finding acceptance with an abundance of self love. The sooner we can stop following influences and start being our own influencers the better.

What is the one piece of advice you would offer to those taking one of the class for the first time?

Stay with it. It can often take a few goes to get into your flow. Like anything new, it takes time to settle into your new ritual. And please don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions. We are here to help and guide.

What is the one mistake you see most often in your class?

Well it really depends on if we are talking about a group or 1:1 but generally I think the biggest mistake is not listening to their bodies or to me. People love to preempt what is about to happen and they love to ignore what the body is telling them. The body will always let you know if something is good or bad or if something is not quite right.

What should everyone do as part of their warm-up/class prep?

100% do our warm up and cool down sequences. They are great for getting the body moving. 

Top Workout Tracks?

Ooooo… this is a hard one. It depends on my mood and what I am doing.

I created a special playlist on our Spotify account for the launch called “Digital party” and there are loads of fab house tracks there. Some of my current favs.

One tip for daily fitness you can do from anywhere?

Move your spine every day in all directions - flexion, extension, lateral flexion and rotation.

Pilates roll up and roll over are the best. You can do them pretty much anywhere if you have some carpet to lie on. Standing side bend and a simple spine rotation which you can do at your desk in your chair.

One lesson you have learnt in your fitness journey?

Never assume what you feel or experience is what other people feel or experience.

Favourite Quote/Mantra?

Let go


Never judge a person unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes



Follow Amy for daily updates and discover A Body Forever here where as a La Pochette reader you can receive 50% off until the 31st August using the code LAP50 at checkout.