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Morning Routines : Kiri Louise

This week we talk to Kiri Louise, private trainer and founder of The Classical Edit, curated Barre and Pilates classes for whenever, wherever. Kiri has a passion for movement and her natural focus offers unparallelled teaching on the mat, as well as delivering a killer workout. 

How do you wake up, an alarm, naturally or woken by someone else?

I wake to an alarm on my iphone - apex, what a banger! Although last year I invested in a lumie sunrise/sunset lamp and it has been a game changer, I set the sunrise to start around 10 minutes before my alarm so my body feels like it’s waking up with natural light. 

Do you spring out of bed, snooze or take some time to wake up whilst in bed whilst doing an activity?

I am a snoozer but rarely fall back to sleep, instead I use it as a timer for when I actually have to get out of bed. I take that time to think about the day ahead, have a little stretch and check my phone for messages. I’m trying (and failing) to not immediately scroll through social media first thing.

First drink of the day?

I take a shot of my symprove probiotic as soon as I get up, you then have to wait 10 minutes before any food or drink. I usually take this time to jump in the shower and brush my teeth, before having water and a black coffee.

Do you take any supplements?

I’ve cut my supplements down to symprove and the equi London beauty formula, it’s a powder you can mix with water and has pretty much everything you would need, including collagen.

What does your breakfast routine involve?

My breakfast routine is usually quite rushed as weekday mornings I teach or have PT clients from 7.30am. Once I’ve made my coffee, breakfast is either a protein bar on the go or a bowl of protein overnight oats. Breakfast is typically my least favourite meal of the day, even when I have time for it.

What does your morning dental hygiene look like?

I use an electric toothbrush and the spotlight whitening floss and mouthwash, I still haven’t had a filling so I must be doing something right!

What does your skincare routine look like, does this change for the seasons?

Post-shower I use aveno moisturiser on my body, the hard water in London really dries my skin out so this is a necessary step! I splash my eyes with cold water as I often wake up a little puffy, then on my face I use the pestle & mortar hyaluronic acid followed by a moisturiser, over spring and summer I really enjoy the lighter beauty pie jeju moisturiser or pretty athletic’smoisturising gel.

What does your grooming routine look like, does this depend on what you have planned for your day?

My grooming routine definitely depends on the day but for the most part I’m bound to get sweaty at some point! I really like By Terry’s CC serum in apricot glow to give my natural complexion a little boost and blur, after that some blush and mascara is the best you’ll get! With a quick brush of my hair, that then usually gets tied back, my entire “getting ready” routine usually takes no longer than 2 minutes.

Describe your morning exercise routine, does this differ at the weekend?

My morning exercise routine differs but it’s generally either swimming, spinning or teaching my pilates classes over at The Classical Edit. Shameless plug but, I genuinely feel incredible and so ready for the rest of the day after morning pilates - it’s like a full body reset.

Do you plan in a daily wellness exercise for maintaining good metal health, is this everyday or when needed?

I generally exercise 6 or 7 days a week whether it’s for myself or for work. Moving my body and therefore teaching definitely help with my mental health, it’s great to have an endorphin rush associated with work.

Do you listen to anything or watch TV whilst getting ready?

While I get ready I like having some background noise so I’ll pop Netflix on, it’ll usually be a comedy, like friends, that I don’t need to pay attention to but will put me in a good mood.

What do you read in the morning; news, favourite blogs, check the weather forecast?

I mentioned before I usually fall into the trap of scrolling through social media first thing, I’m a really visual person so if there’s usually something that will catch my eye linking to an article. I’m sure I’ll be forgiven for avoiding the mainstream news first thing!

What would be your advice to someone wanting to adopt healthier habits within their morning routine?

If someone was wanting to re-vamp their morning routine I’d give the same advice I give to my private clients — Don’t change too much at once to avoid overwhelm, it’ll be much harder to stick to. Instead take a week at a time to introduce a new habit. Whether that’s setting your alarm a little earlier, remembering to take a vitamin or booking an early exercise class.

What is the most important element within your morning routine that you couldn’t live without?

For me, no matter how tired or full of regret I feel hearing that alarm, moving my body in the morning sets me up for a more productive, happier day. That is probably the most important element for me! I know myself too well, and leaving exercise til later in the day usually results in excuses and not doing it.

Has your morning routine changed recently, what did you change and why?

I suppose lockdown changed my morning routine, before that most of my mornings started at around 5am, rushing around half asleep and catching the earliest tube to a client’s home on the other side of the city - I was constantly burnt out, running on fumes. Most of my work is now online which gives me an extra hour of sleep - I feel a lot healthier, have more energy & can give even more to my clients in their sessions now.

Can you share any ‘life hack’ tricks for morning routines?

Take some time, even if it’s only 5 minutes in your bed, to move. A little wiggle can go a long way! 
Make sure you get out of bed with time to spare before work, rushing around and starting the day stressed out is no fun.
hydrate before you caffeinate.

How do you prep your bag for the day (pack in the morning, night before)?

My work bag day to day doesn’t change too much, I do take some time either the night before or in my snooze time to plan my outfit (and usually a post-sweat change of clothes). I’m a firm believer that if you show up looking good, you’ll feel good (this was also drilled into me at ballet school, treat the rehearsals like a performance!) - it gives me a great excuse to shop for new activewear too!

What are the essentials you carry with you every day?

Aside from the standard phone, purse, headphones, in my bag I’ll always carry my wild natural deodorant, lip balm & hand sanitiser (even pre-covid…I hate the feeling of grubby hands).
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