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Morning Routines : Sandy Martin

This week we talk morning routines with the lovely Sandy Martin, instructor at Boom Cycle and Apex Rides and the creator of We Speak Soul, a community which encourages you to watch your thoughts and you change your world.


How do you wake up, an alarm, naturally or woken by someone else?

You know what I’m one of those people who annoyingly wake up a min before the alarm goes off. 


Do you spring out of bed, snooze or take some time to wake up whilst in bed?

I take a few seconds to thing about how I’m feeling then I send myself a text of my todo list. I spring out on special occasions haha.


First drink of the day?

My mind went straight to alcohol when I read this. Usually water/ sparkling water or fresh pressed OJ ( I don’t really drink much else)


Do you take any supplements?

Erm no, I take vitamins, so B, D and Omega 3.


What does your breakfast routine involve?

My favourite meal of the day by far, If I have time my favourite home made banana pancakes ( my specialty) with fresh pressed juice or scrambled eggs with sourdough and avo but if I’m in a rush cereal and oat milk :)


What does your morning dental hygiene look like?

Brush, floss and (mouthwash) if I have any.


What does your skincare routine look like, does this change for the seasons?

My skins really sensitive to chemicals and unnatural things so I use natural Shea butter for face and body as well as paraben free soap which I usually switch up quite frequently. I try to use spf all year round. 


What does your grooming routine look like, does this depend on what you have planned for your day?

Yes this is very much dependent on the day because my hair takes a while to condition, wash and air dry. But I’m usually quite minimal with Makeup unless I’m going on a night out etc. I think also because I’m so used to getting my makeup done professionally on shoots I save it for all of those occasions haha.


Describe your morning exercise routine, does this differ at the weekend?

I love an outdoor walk in the morning or class, I find it harder to move in the evenings unless it’s at a random hour of the morning.


Do you plan in a daily wellness exercise for maintaining good metal health, is this everyday or when needed?

I don’t plan it as such, I think it’s something I just subconsciously do now. Fitness has been a part of me for so long now it feels alien to not be active, or when I notice I feel cranky or unsettled I know I’m due for a nature walk!!


Do you listen to music, podcasts, radio or watch TV whilst getting ready?

Depends on the mood, I love music and podcasts, I’m not big on TV although I love a film night!! I usually play music or a podcast in the shower or bath and then on the way to my destination.


What do you read in the morning; news, favourite blogs, check the weather forecast?

I check the weather for sure, living in London you HAVE to. I find the news quite negative so I browse through more lighthearted things or just have a quick laugh in my groupchats!!


What would be your advice to someone wanting to adopt good fitness habits within their morning routine?

Don’t force anything, you want it to become a lifestyle not a chore. Try out different things and see how you feel, independently and with friends/ family. When you find things that you can maintain, get someone to hold you accountable or keep a little diary. 


What is the most important element within your morning routine that you couldn’t live without?

Breakfast, toothbrush and shea butter, I don’t care if I leave the house without makeup etc but I need clean teeth, breakfast and my shea butter!!!


Has your morning routine changed recently, what did you change and why?

My lifestyle had become busier so I have less time for extended relaxation etc so I just cut time and unnecessary things!!


Can you share any ‘life hack’ tricks for morning routines?

An oldie but a goodie, prep your bag and outfit options including a gym kit the day before.


How do you prep your bag for the day?

Night before!!! ( most of the time unless I am knackered) With options then in the morning anything additional can be added but I know I have my essentials!!


What are the essentials you carry with you every day?

Shea butter, natural fragrance, oils, diary, ipad/laptop, HEADPHONES and a snack and antibac or wipes!!


Follow Sandy for news and details of her classes here.