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Journal meets Toby Huntington-Whiteley; personal trainer, model and now founder of HW. labs, the new supplement brand launched with his partner, corporate solicitor, Noa Murcia.


The environmentally concious brand is on a mission to improve our health and well-being in the most sustainable way possible. Their debut product is the super delicious Fortify Gummies, a bite-sized boost to nourish from within which takes the guesswork out of nourishing your hair, skin and nails.


We caught up with Toby about his morning routine from his base in Paris:



How do you wake up?

Our alarm goes off at 6:45 am, but Noa is always the first to get out. I'm always out of bed before 7, though.


Spring out of bed?

I am not a morning person; it takes me a while to get going; working out in the morning helps though I have been doing this a lot more recently.


First drink of the day?

A glass of water for me, you don't want to know what Noa's is.


Do you take any supplements?

Yes, I have always taken vitamins and, since working out, sports supplements as well. We take two of our Fortify Gummies in the morning, and I take protein powder when I'm not getting enough through my diet. When I'm lifting weights which I not at the moment, as the gyms are still closed here in Paris, I take creatine. 


What does your breakfast routine involve?

We both have very little or a small breakfast. Often we will share a bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon. When I am hungry, or after my workout, I'll add some eggs and other fillings to my bagel. A favourite of mine is cream cheese, pesto, pickles, pastrami and a fried egg. It's a lot, I know, but I love it. 


What does your morning dental hygiene look like?

I have just started to use an electric toothbrush from Spotlight Oral Care (I know very late to the party). It's incredible what a difference it makes. I also use a water flosser from Spotlight, which is a game-changer?


What does your skincare routine look like?

I have pretty spot prone skin and have always struggled to find good products for it. My sister recommend IS clinical to me a few years back, and I haven't changed since they're the best. I use their cleanser, active serum and Hydra-Cool Serum.


What does your routine grooming look like? Does this depend on what you have planned for your day?


Kind of, I'll always shave when I have something important that day; if not, I shave at least twice a week. For my hair, I always you the same product, which is a Clay from Larry King.


Describe your morning exercise routine? 

I have hated working out for home this last year and can't wait to get back into the gym. I have had to make it as stimulating as possible. I'll put in a lot of ARAPs or EMOMs in my workouts to keep it competitive and interesting. At the moment, I do about 10 minutes of mobility and then 3, 12-minute EMOMs. 

Do you plan on a daily wellness exercise for maintaining good mental health? 

No, I wouldn't say I put aside time for my mental health; working out is helps me a lot, and without that, I would definitely struggle more. I think talking is the best to deal with mental health for me. I used to store a lot of my negative feelings and thoughts away, try and deal with them myself and don't share them. After a while, this builds up, and I am so overwhelmed I won't speak at all. Since being with Noa, this rarely happens as she spots it before I do.  


What do you you listen to in the morning?

In the morning, Noa puts on music before she does anything else; in the morning, I have no choice but to listen to what she puts on; lucky she has great taste in music.


What do you read?

I always check the BBC news and sport app. Also, the Economist app, which I check into a few times a week also.


What would be your advice to someone wanting to adopt healthier habits within their morning routine?

Have a plan; it sounds so simple, but most people I have spoken to before coaching them always have great intentions and know what they want but have no real idea of getting there and wing it. Write the habits down you wish to gain and how you are going to make it happen. 


What is the most important element within your morning routine that you couldn't live without?

Complete selfless plug, but it's my Fortify Gummies, and even before I had my brand, I always took my vitamins in the morning.


Has your morning routine changed recently? 

The only thing that has changed is that I am now just taking 2 gummies and not a load of different pills.


Can you share any 'life hack' for our morning routines?

I have focused on my mobility when working out at home and really feel the difference. I like how it wakes up my body just doing a few exercises to get my blood following, joint moving, and muscles stretched. I focus on my ankles, hips, upper back and shoulders.


How do you prep your bag for the day? 

In a rush, I forget something all the time. It's always the last manic thing I do, running around the apartment looking for a charger, AirPods or something else.


What are the essentials you carry with you every day?

All the obvious ones really, Notebook, iPhone, AirPods, wallet, and keys. On my keys, I have always had a small pen knife which is very handy. 



For more information about coaching with Toby visit HW Fitness, Fortify Gummies are available from HW.labs. and follow herefor updates on new products.