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Move with Ben

Ben Davie is lead trainer at Digme Fitness for Matrix HIIT program and teaches both ride and Matrix across London. A passionate runner, having completed 6 marathons,  he also loves reaching out with home workouts through Digme Live, Virtual Run Club and his own YouTube channel ‘Move With Ben’.


Ben talks to us about his lockdown projects inspired by Joe Wicks, recovery and back-to-workout advice and why he loves Digme Fitness…


The last few months have been a tough one! How important was maintaining your fitness routine for your overall wellbeing during this time? 

Fitness has been everything for me the last few months. At times, when my head has been frazzled, I always remind myself that I am only an 30 mins or so (of training) from a different headspace!


Did you adapt your routine to fit with the restrictions?

Yes, I adapted my routine as I was based at home I trained at home and also ran a lot.


In March, 34 million of us discussed running on social media, the surge in conversation echoing the millions of us who took up the sport during lockdown. As a keen runner, what would be your tips for taking those first steps?

I think smart training is key. Don’t run before you can walk. My favourite saying is to get fit to run - as opposed to run to get fit. By this, I mean doing adequate run specific strength work to support the miles on road. Also start with gradual incremental increases in volume using the walk run approach.


You suffered a running injury for the first-time during lockdown, any recovery advice for more experienced runners?

Be patient! I was guilty of not doing this and learnt the hard way. I actually put my injury down to lockdown. I was spending less time on my feet where I was based at home, yet was still smashing the miles.


You started the Digme Virtual Run Club in May, what can people expect when they join you on Saturday mornings?

A wonderful community of positive like minded people. The Virtual Run Club is all about good vibes, an uplifting start to the weekend. Expect a variety of motivational music and top tips along the way. The sessions are completely relative and for all abilities.


Whilst you were able to train with your regular Diggers through your YouTube channel and Digme Live, lockdown also saw you connect with a younger audience through online workouts, yoga and mindfulness. Tell us what inspired this?

I was inspired actually by Joe Wicks, The Body Coach who is a good friend of mine. I wanted to make a difference somewhere somehow no matter how big or small. The workouts went down and I absolutely loved doing them.


We were particularly moved by your Ausome Move Workouts which were created to address the needs of children with Autism for whom mainstream workouts can be a struggle. Is accessibility to fitness something you feel strongly about? 

Absolutely. It’s so important and often the inclusivity is something that can get neglected. One of the lady’s who follows my online workouts approached me because her son struggles to keep up with more main stream videos. So I did some research and enjoyed the process. 

Digme Fitness Bank

We are so excited that Digme studios are once more open - what would be your advice on avoiding injury for those looking to head back to the gym and ramping up their workouts after so many months away? 

I think it’s important to give yourself a fresh start. Forget PB's talk and just focus on being present and performing the movements well. Slow things right down and take a super mindful approach.


What did you miss most about the Digme studios during lockdown?

Real life connection. It’s completely different to an online digital connection. Both of which I love!


Digme has a strong emphasis on community, between its team, studio goers and followers online. What brings everyone together in this way?

Consistent positive connections to inspire change.


Move with Ben from home on his YouTube or in Digme Studios and follow him daily on Instagram.