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Organise Your Summer With La Pochette

With summer finally showing itself, we are ready to embrace balmy evenings and warm breeze.

We live in a country that is full of astounding beaches and romantic destinations, so there won’t be any shortage of summer escapades this year. At La Pochette, we know heading to the beach can take a lot of organisation when it comes to keeping your belongings safe, clean and dry. That’s why our Wet Bags are an essential companion - they aren’t just designed for use at your local pool.

 If you are hoping to discover a design-focused bag for wet bathing suits and towels, you’re in the right place. Not only are our bags perfect for wet days at the beach but they can be used for a variety of activities as you explore during warmer weather.

Bags For Storing Wet Bathing Suits and Towels 

When we are blessed with sunshine, the sparkling, cool water at the beach is an alluring thought. However, being left with soggy, wet bathing suits and towels at the end of the day is far from idyllic. Instead of jostling everything into one bag and hoping it doesn’t soak your belongings, you can trust our Wet Bags to keep everything separate, clean and dry - ready to be put straight into the washing machine when you get home. Our Wet Bag Maxi is a wonderful choice for those who may have lots of wet items to take home at the end of their beach day.


Wash Bag

Small Bags For Keeping Your Belongings Safe, Organised and Clean

There is no better way to spend your summer days than sun-kissed and salty by the shore. However, keeping all your small belongings in one place and sand-free can be a tedious task when you simply wish to relax. Furthermore, no one wants to encounter a leaking bottle of sunblock when they’re unwinding in a remote location.  

The anti-stain coating of our Wet Bags ensures that your belongings won’t get dirty while on holiday, while antibacterial protection keeps everything free from germs. For those looking to organise the items they’re taking to the beach this summer, the Wet Bag Small is a great option to keep everything valuable in one place.

Small Blue Bag

Wet Bags For Swimming or Water Sports 

If you’re adventurous, you may be snorkelling, paddle boarding or kayaking in the sun this season. La Pochette Wet Bags are waterproof up to 3000mm of water pressure, which makes them a staple for all your water-based ventures this summer. Whether you’re trying to keep your towel dry while paddle boarding or taking your goggles out into the sea, our range of Wet Bags are convenient for even the most adventurous of activities at the beach. 

Each bag is also equipped with a handle to keep it secure. Depending on your preference of size, our Shadow Neon Range is style-focused, whilst the brilliant orange will also allow you to see it even when lost in the sand.

Neon Bag


Sustainable Waterproof Wet Bags 

Plastic pollution is one of the most significant threats to our environment at the moment, which is why we design our bags to be as sustainable as possible. La Pochette Wet Bags are made from recycled plastic bottles - creating a durable, eco-friendly option for your activities at the beach, that can be used time and time again. Now that being eco-friendly is in the bag, the only other choice you must make is what size and design you prefer.


Black Bag


At La Pochette, we are women who understand the need to be able to embrace life with streamlined organisation and a desire to explore. Whether you’re looking for a bag for wet bathing suits and towels or a bag to organise your belongings, you’ll find it at La Pochette. Shop our multi-purpose Wet Bags and get ready for your adventure.