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My Guide to Post-workout Skin

With the trend for glossy, glowing skin showing no signs of going anywhere, we talk to Annee de Mamiel, founder of de Mamiel skincare, about how to keep that glow after your workout and beyond

We all know the benefits of a great workout; boosted endorphins, better sleep and a healthier heart, not to mention more glowing skin. That’s because when we get our heart rate up, we increase blood circulation.

Increased blood flow means fresher, oxygenated and more nutrient-dense blood is delivered to cells, helping to keep them healthy. Blood flow also promotes collagen production and carries away waste products from cells, including free radicals which we produce when we exercise. And while we’re all guilty of being a little slap dash with our post workout skincare every now and then (myself included!) regularly neglecting your skin after you exercise, means that as well as not reaping the rewards of your session, you’ll also cause problems for your skin in the long run too.

When we exercise, we sweat, which, when mingled with impurities on the skin, whether it’s make-up residue, city grime or excess oil, can clog pores. This can lead to inflammation, breakouts and a change in the delicate pH balance, as well as exacerbated skin ageing.

If you struggle to stick to a proper skin routine, think of it as an add-on to your overall warm down regime and factor in a little extra time. I like to do mine alongside some gentle breathwork, which I find helps reset the tone and allows me to pause before I get back into what will no doubt be a hectic rest of the day! Here are my top tips.

1 Always cleanse your skin

However rushed you are after your workout, always allow time for a thorough cleanse, it’s my non-negotiable. Even if you haven’t perspired much during your session, your skin will have accumulated extra, un-seen build-up which can cause damage.

I recommend choosing a lighter option with anti-oxidants that doesn’t feel like too much on the skin after an intense bout of exercise. Opt for something ultra-gentle if you’ve been exercising vigorously, as skin can feel a little more sensitive. This really helps take the heat out of any redness and doesn’t leave skin feeling depleted. My favourite go-to is our Pure Calm Cleansing Dew.

2 Hydrate as much as possible

After I’ve cleansed, I love to push as much hydration back into my skin as I can. Products that use hyaluronic acid are excellent for this as this key ingredient can help with closing pores, increasing hydration and improving suppleness a (I always keep a bottle of our Dewy Facial Mist in the fridge when I need it).

3 Choose gentle but effective formulas

After a workout is not the time to be stressing your skin out with any granular scrubs or harsh actives. Keep things as gentle and restorative as possible and only revert to stronger formulas once your skin has settled back down.

When we exercise, we produce cortisol, a stress hormone that can cause skin ageing through processes such as oxidisation, glycation and inflammation. Choosing a product that’s going to help your skin readjust can be really beneficial, which is why our First Fix stress response serum is the final step in my post-workout skin kit.

Renowned skincare brand de Mamiel, created by integrated facialist Annee de Mamiel, harnesses unique botanicals, biotechnology and efficacious oils to transform the skin and restore equilibrium.