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Spotlight on: Third Space, workout space of dreams?

The fitness market in London has evolved exponentially in the last decade. We can now choose from huge, machine-heavy chain gyms on every corner, join in an alfresco boot camp at our local park or pound the city streets with a run crew. But do we now need more from our fitness space than simply a place to work out?

Our ever-hectic urban lives demand a multitasking space which combines quality fitness, relaxation and a sociable place to unwind afterwards. Luxury London-based health clubs Third Space were well ahead of the curve, opening their first club in Soho’s Brewer Street at the turn of the millennium, now boasting five clubs across the capital with another opening this Autumn.

Their aim is to be more than just a gym, individual in style and bound by a common philosophy: to provide outstanding fitness spaces that members feel are their own. As the Third Space CEO and former Psycle and Fitness First boss, Colin Waggett said: “Our customers expect high standards and they want top class, but at the same time, we know Londoners are under pressure and time poor, so we have to make every visit slick, easy and hassle-free”

Third Space has become the leader of the luxe gym brands, combining its first-class facilities and peerless team of instructors with a relaxed members club atmosphere. What sets them apart is their attention to detail, all geared towards adding marginal gains to every member’s workout, helping them achieve their goals whilst acknowledging their challenging lifestyles.

At the City outpost for example, a chemical-free pool is cleaned naturally with UV light meaning 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria are removed as you concentrate on your crawl. A harder workout in the Hypoxic chambers is possible where reduced 02 give faster results on the treadmill, bike, versa or rower for the time poor gym goer. Elsewhere bespoke, multifunctional athletics rigs, an open gym space, cycle studios and combat areas are there for the choosing.

For those who are working on mind and body, a truly relaxing space has been created for the hot yoga studio through its sculptural curved ceiling and walls. Europe’s only infrared-mirrored panels create a range of temperatures perfectly suited to each class.   

Add to that an environment that is not only luxurious designed - with changing rooms more suited to a boutique hotel than a gym - but enables peak performance down the very air you breathe. Quartz lamps purify the air throughout the club whilst F7 filters reduce air pollutants by 90% meaning you revive your body from the first step inside. Water fountains are equipped with the most advanced filtration system yet so you can experience the purest water in the city.

So, what next? This Autumn marks the opening of their sixth club, bringing their elite training and state of the art facilities to Islington with an added element of a separate, dedicated space for families, Little Space. This will be London’s first multi-active space dedicated to energetic little minds and bodies with activities timetabled to sync with adult classes and offering swimming, football and ballet schools. Nearly a decade later, they remain firmly ahead of the fitness curve.

Find out more about Third Space here, and follow @thirdspacelondon

La Pochette Sweat Bags are now available to buy instore at Third Space City.