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Stroke of Genius

We are busy. Time stretched. Lacking bandwidth. Whatever you call it, modern lives are hectic. So how do you make sure your workout counts?

Once seen as a solitary and even elitist sport, rowing (and its associated payback) is being thrust onto centre stage through the emergence of a plethora of indoor group rowing classes whilst London’s first fully integrated boutique rowing studio – The Engine Room – opened in September last year.

As one of the oldest-known competitive sports, its historic credentials pale in comparison to its calorie burning abilities. Incorporating rowing into your active routine can quickly improve fitness, burn fat and build lean muscle – in other words the most efficient workout going.  Research by British Rowing finds that rowing uses 85 per cent of the body’s muscles across nine major muscle groups.

And there’s more. Whilst your lunchtime 30 minute workout could be burning more than 300 calories a pop, its also low impact allowing you to condition your whole body while avoiding the stress and possibility of injury that more impactful exercises can bring. The nature of the studio style classes lend a social air, so though you work to the same stroke as your fellow rowers, you can pull at a strength that’s of your own making.

Whilst The Engine Room’s founder Chris Heron says that the programmes he devised are “no punt around a boating lake” he acknowledges that for many, rowing techniques aren’t learnt whilst growing up. Cue a specially designed ‘Row 101’ class which enables new crew members to pick up the fundamentals, a tried and tested way to ensure correct technique whilst training to minimise injury and maximise your output.

A social group setting which improves anaerobic power, aerobic capacity and neuromuscular abilities set to a fun beat and all in a 30 minute session? We are in!


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