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The Goddess Space

The Goddess Space was birthed by Anoushka Florence in 2015.

Seeking to create beautiful sacred spaces to support, hold, and empower Women; she began hosting small Women's circles in her living room.

Her work is based on ancient spiritual feminine practices that are grounded in the belief + knowing that the power to heal, to manifest + to live the life we dream to live comes from within.


Tell us about the Goddess Space and how you first came to form it.

The Goddess Space was created out of my own quest to reconnect back to myself. As I began my own spiritual journey and started connecting back to who I really was, I realized I wanted to support Women on their journeys and create beautiful spaces for them to reconnect.


What does a Women Circle mean?

A Women's Circle is a safe and sacred space for Women to gather. Its a space of non-judgemental,  space for you to be held, seen and supported. It's a space where you can leave your whole world behind, and be guided back to your inner world; the sacred space within. 


What happens in a Women's Circle?

We connect back to ancient feminine practices. Typically a Women's Circle is held on a new or full moon, and in the ones I hold, you can usually expect beautiful meditations, sharing circles, rituals, cleansing ceremonies and more.


Do you find it impactful on your life straight away? How?

The circle ignites something within you, it reminds you that you are not alone, and even though we can often feel so separated from people, when we come back to the circle we remember just how interweaved we all are. 


What advise would you give to someone who hasn't been to a Woman's Circle before?

The circle will come into your life when you're ready to receive it. If this calls out to you, inspires you, or intrigues you I would say to follow the calling... trust your instincts, follow your heart, quiet the noise and you may just find your slice of magik. 


With advice still asking us to practise social distancing how are you implementing your practice?

I am holding virtual online Women's circles which have been going amazing!! I have seen such a rise in women signing up for them, as we are all looking for a way to reconnect at this time.

I have also created an online sacred space for Women to gather; an affordable monthly membership of 9 a month where you will gain access to a monthly virtual Women's circle, and weekly practices and meditations.


What is the one thing that most people tell you after they have been to a session with you for the first time?

How reconnected they feel to the feminine within them; the feminine that can often time be suppressed in this very outward, and patriarchal world we live in.

The irony is the world we're used to has been telling us to do for so long, whereas now we are all collectively being called to just be, and that is the true power of the womens circle aswell. 


How are you keeping your mental wellbeing in check throughout these uncertain times?

Prioritising my physical, mental and emotional wellbeing at this time is so important. I ensure that I create a strong morning ritual that sets me up for the day. This includes meditation, yoga, nourishing breakfast and some journalling.

I am also really taking the time to tune into gratitude, for the moments we get to spend outside, to the air we breathe, the sun on our faces, the smells all around really is the small things that become the big ones! 


Has there been a book, song or piece of advise that has helped you on our journey?

My favorite books that have guided me on my journey are:

Women who run with Wolves

The Red Tent

If Women rose Rooted. 


Favourite Quote/Mantra?

Its all happening for you, not to you. 


Anouska offers One-to-One sprit sessions, nomadic Women's Circles and tailored Pop-up events, Private ritual gatherings including bridal and baby blessings. 

Follow @thegoddessspace and discover the online membership space here.