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Try the High?

CBD Oil has undoubtedly been a key wellness trend for 2019, but what exactly is it and how can it help us navigate anxiety-inducing modern lives? 

Known as CBD, cannabidiol is a natural compound found in hemp and a legal substance even permitted on professional athlete’s drug tests.  Made from the stalk, stems, leaves and flowers of the hemp plant, rather than the seeds which produce hemp oil in food and beauty products, CBD contains high amounts of active, therapeutic cannabinoids. It is said to act as a natural antidote to relieve anxiety, stress and insomnia.

In the same way vitamins are used to boost the immune system, CBD can be used to supplement the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is the bodies main regulatory system, containing receptors that help balance our immune system and central nervous system. And its legal? Yes, CBD oil cannot “get you high”, its licensed from the Home Office in the UK, and it doesn’t produce an excessive release of dopamine to create addiction.

So how do we take this wonder product? There are many ways to try from drinking CBD infused cocktails or lattes, tinctures to be taken under the tongue (proving to be the most popular method on the market) to fixed dosage capsules and edible products. Given the breadth of options available and varying strengths from product to product and brand to brand finding what works for you individually can be daunting at first.

CBD Oil producers such as FourFiveCBD handily offer a lower, medium and higher class of oils to assist you manage the dosage that’s right for you before building up. They also offer a variety of products to give you the option of quick absorption through oils or slow releasing and longer last effects through capsules and a balm for skin related complaints.

The real challenge is to find a CBD oil that is as pure and potent as possible, we recommend investing on a strong CBD product from a reliable health or wellness retailer to ensure quality whilst also meaning that you’ll only need a few drops of each day for it to take effect.

And the results? Whilst some reports such as an early study in 2013 by the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology suggests that CBD has far-reaching medical applications and the World Health Organisation says there is no evidence of abuse potential or harm associated with the use of pure CBD, there is still more sound research to be done before we replace traditional anti-anxiety medication and counselling methods such as CBT.