Battle Ropes 101

September 30, 2020

Battle Ropes 101

Best thing about being back at the gym? Team La Pochette is loving the chance to expand our routine with equipment we just can’t replicate at home.

Enter the Battle Rope. We first noticed this dynamic training tool being used by professional martial arts athletes a few years ago and since adopted by the mainstream for the numerous conditioning and strength building exercises it offers.

Here’s our Battle Ropes 101.


The Wave – a classic HIIT exercise which demands a quick and rhythmic movement while preserving form.

  • Grab a rope in each hand, palm facing in and face the anchor
  • Leaning forward with a slight knee bend, ‘whip’ the rope with the first arm with enough power to create a wave which reaches all the way to the anchor
  • Follow quickly with the same action on the other arm, allowing waves to ‘chase’ each other.


    The Slam – explosive strength exercise which targets lats and abs, similar to that of a medicine ball slam. 

    • With feet shoulder width apart and a rope in each hand with palm facing inward, stand up straight facing the anchor
    • Raise both arms together over your head and then slam down ropes as hard a possible on the ground
    • As you slam, follow with your body so you finish each repeat in a squat position with a straight back
    • Stand up to restart the movement


      The Star Jump – a toughie for the arms with substantial shoulder training using the classic speed-strength plyos exercise of Star Jumps. Ensure to check your form remains solid on this one.

      • With feet positioned together and a rope in each hand with palm facing inward, stand up straight facing the anchor
      • Explode out into your star jump whilst lifting arms straight out to the sides and up into the air
      • Rest at the ‘X’ form and then restart.


        Let us know how you get on #LaPochetteLife

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