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La Pochette shines a spotlight on the rise of wellness retreats and why more people than ever are grabbing a towel for sweat and sun salutations rather than a simple sunbathe when it comes to booking a holiday.

"Swimming helps me disconnect. From the moment the water touches my skin, I feel like I’m in another world." But what to do with the wet swimsuit? Founder of La Pochette, Justine Rouch, explains how the Wet Bag was created.

La Pochette talks ripping up the rulebook and mastering the daily ‘grind’ with Rebekah Brown, founder of the plant-based supplement brand MPowder
Many of us are making new year’s resolutions to work out more in the 2023. We know how good it is for our bodies, but did you know what happens to our brains when we work up a sweat, and why it can make us happier?