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Why La Pochette?

Well, a few things really. 300 flights in a year with 300 utterly useless plastic bags, burst shampoo bottle erupting from said useless bags, leaving us some unexplained stains... Turning up at a board meeting with the delightfully fresh scent of sweaty kit from our last spin class... Looking like a packhorse on the Tube with a handbag, laptop case and gym bag... Trying to keep up with fitness whilst doing 14 hour days...Opening our suitcase and finding the insufficient plastic bag holding your bikini has ruined your new Celine clutch after the in denial last frantic ‘my-holiday-hasnt-ended-yet’ swim leaving absolutely everything smelling of chlorine.   


Need we say more?

Enough of the plastic bags.  Not only deeply unfashionable and totally useless, they are killing our beautiful world. Cue hundreds of hours of research to find the perfect solutions to keep us, our handbags and the size of our thighs happy.

We realised we had to come up with the solution ourselves.


Et Voila! La Pochette! (3 years later…)

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