Healing From Within

March 03, 2020

Healing From Within


Reiki is translated as universal energy, a life force often described as chi or prana. It’s a beautiful energy that is just within us already. As a Reiki practitioner we enable people to become aware of that energy.



I was on my own healing journey. A long time ago I was already meditating and tapping into the spiritual aspect of myself, my being, and was told many times how Reiki could help me, how it could support me.

I had physical issues, endometriosis - a womens health issue - and was in a lot of pain and chronic fatigue. Reiki was suggested to me so I went to see a healer and had a few sessions. I really found it helped a lot – more so than the conventional medicine that I was taking. It really supported me to come back to work, and to being able to do the simple daily things that I was unable to do at the time. Through that transitional time I became interested in doing Reiki myself so started the training. It really helped to make me feel more aligned to my purpose in that moment - to support other people who were going through the same experiences as myself, helping them to see that we have this natural ability to heal ourselves.



Reiki is universal energy so really as a Reiki practitioner you are just attuned to this energy and then have the awareness that that this energy is within you, which helps you to feel more empowered and create a space, an awareness in you so you go on a journey reconnecting. It’s almost as if you are born again in a beautiful way. You feel this kindness and compassion for what you’re going through and slow down, enabling this energy and life force to move within you and support you every day. It has mental, emotional, physical and spiritual benefits, we are made up of all these parts so in essence Reiki brings is back to state of oneness. That’s what I can help other people to do for themselves.



I founded Emerald Tiger in 2017. I had been wellbeing mentoring before I started to add all these modalities which were helping me personally. I was a singer songwriter previously, so I brought on the sound element because I found it so healing. Being a wellbeing mentor, it all really just came together.

One day I was sitting meditation and really felt this connection to these words, Emerald and Tiger.

Tiger is my spirit animal its powerful and earthly and emerald is a beautiful stone which symbolises unconditional love and connection. From that day forth I felt I wanted to bring people back into their power, to come home to themselves. So now I go out and do private events sharing sound healing and Reiki, give talks and ive just brought out a book called Self Reiki. Its really about spreading the message, allowing people to give themselves some space and to recognise they have everything within themselves already. As the brand grows we are increasing in size and really moving around the city allowing people to experience what we do.



At Re:mind meditation studio. Re:mind opened 2 years ago, they had their birthday last week in fact. Ive been here since the beginning, it’s a beautiful space in Victoria, really its beautiful because of the people who come here, who attend the classes.



Just coming in this room and sharing this space with everyone else is just a lovely way to connect to people. Everyone seems to drop their guard, come into the space and surrender.

My class is about healing, you feel a state of oneness in this room. In this beautiful studio with its plant wall and Himalayan Salt lamps you are continuously receiving energy from and around the space. It’s just a lovely meditation studio that you can come to, sip some beautiful herbal tea, meet new people. If you haven’t started meditating before this is a great place to begin, there are so many types on offer from Reiki, there is sound healing, breath work, so many different types of meditation here on offer.



I love using my Sweat Bag, this week ive used it for the gym and also for carrying things I use for my meditation classes. Essential oils, room spray, my business cards – they have all gone in it! It’s had a multi-purpose use and its small, so easy to commute with.


Learn more about Jasmin and Emerald Tiger here, or follow on instagram here. Jasmin’s book Self Reiki can be ordered here and classes at Re:mind can be booked here.


Image Courtesy of Re:Mind Studios

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