Let’s Go Anywhere

March 24, 2019

Let’s Go Anywhere

Maintaining an active lifestyle while traveling can be tricky. Whilst you won’t be able to temporarily relocate your favourite studio class or stow your regular trainer in your suitcase; you can experiment with alternative ways of exercising, and even rejuvenate your routine whilst away.

We’ve put together some top tips to help you stay fit wherever you are in the world.


Plan ahead

You’ve found the perfect hotel but it doesn’t offer any means of workout – fear not. World Fitness Trainer is a concierge service which can connect you to elite trainers and healthcare professionals wherever you are in the world. They make all the logistical arrangements on your behalf including finding a convenient location for you to train in your chosen city and keep a track of your global workout history so your new trainer turns up with full working knowledge of your routine.


Use your environment

You’ve got up extra early to fit in a session and eagerly sought out the hotel gym to find a depressing basement room with one lonely treadmill in the corner. Umm, #fitspiration! Get outdoors and explore instead, your concierge can fill you in with running routes or walking trails. Most cities run a public loan bike scheme and hold group training sessions in local parks and outdoor spaces and many of the well-known fitness brands host daily studio classes such as New York’s Studio B in the Bandier flagship.


Invest in your fitness

You’re committed to maintaining your routine, so invest in lightweight and versatile equipment such as a skipping rope for cardio and a resistance band set as a portable alternative to free weights – for longer trips, include a door anchor and ankle strap to broaden the variety of exercises. Work your abs with Synergee Sliders, super lightweight gliding discs which can be used to challenge your bodyweight exercises whilst Monkii bars are a must for suspension training fans and comes with a digital training manual. And there you have it, your entire gym in your carry on.


If all else fails

You’ve been caught out on a last-minute trip without any kit or equipment. A barefoot workout awaits, all you need is floor space and a little creativity to set up a personal circuit of bodyweight exercises such as lunges, squats, calf raises and dips around your hotel room. Or why not take advantage of gear loaning programmes such as the Westins Pack Light, Stay Fit? Available in every Westin hotel worldwide, you can loan New Balance kit in your size for the duration of your stay for a very small fee, saving precious suitcase space and overweight luggage charges.


Now, #letsgoanywhere


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