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Risky Business - The Work Trip

  • 1 min read

In the UK alone, an estimated 7.1million overseas business trips are taken by employees every year. Whilst wellness in the workplace has become top of the agenda for many companies, the potential risks of work travel on our wellbeing are often overlooked.

The business trip is often seen as a perk of a job yet studies have shown that employees who travel for business for two or more weeks per month are putting themselves at greater risk of mental and physical health issues than those who are office based.

Related health concerns can include an increased obesity risk and high blood pressure often triggered when you combine airline food, processed snacks, lack of sleep, increased alcohol consumption and an erratic exercise routine.

There is good news though, travellers who exercise during their trip perform 61% better than non-exercisers whilst even moderate exercise can give a boost to the immune system which is weakened through exposure to germs and simply the lifestyle factors travelling requires.

Exercise can also help to regulate important hormones associated with balancing mood helping you stay mentally alert throughout your trip – opt for outdoor pursuits to soak up daylight to help rebalance your body clock when travelling through time zones.

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