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8 Tips for Maintaining Your Fitness and Wellness Whilst Travelling

Navigating the balance between travel and wellness can often seem challenging, yet with thoughtful preparation and the right accessories, it's entirely achievable. Whether journeying for business or pleasure, your fitness and wellness regime need not be compromised. Here are practical tips to ensure you stay fit and revitalised, no matter your destination.

1. Embrace the Pool

Swimming offers a full body workout and is ideal for those constantly on the move. It is not only great for cardiovascular health, but it also serves as a tranquil escape. Fortunately, most hotels provide pool access. Just pack your swim essentials and, importantly, include your La Pochette Wet Bag, which is specifically designed to keep your swimwear and accessories organised and protected, ensuring that the rest of your belongings stay dry and odour-free. Its waterproof and stylish design makes it an indispensable travel companion for anyone looking to maintain their wellness regime.

2. Compact Fitness: Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are the epitome of travel-friendly fitness equipment. They enable a variety of exercises, such as squats and stretches, without the need for a gym. They are a testament to how your fitness routine can be as mobile as you are, fitting effortlessly into your luggage.

Maximize your fitness routine with these loop resistance band exercises, ideal for a full- body workout while traveling:

  1. Squats: Place the band just above your knees. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, squat down while pushing your knees out against the band. This targets the glutes, quads, and hamstrings.
  2. Press-Outs: Stand with the band looped around your wrists, arms in front of you at chest height. Press your arms out to the sides, keeping tension on the band. Focus on engaging your chest and shoulders.
  3. Seated Rows: Sit with legs extended, loop the band around your feet, and grasp it with both hands. Pull the band towards your waist, engaging your back muscles.
  4. Shoulder Press: Loop the band under your feet and bring your hands to your shoulders, palms facing forward. Press your hands up overhead, extending your arms fully. Targets the shoulders.
  5. Lateral Walks: Place the band around your ankles. Keep your legs straight and walk sideways, stretching the band as you move. This works the hips and side glutes.
  6. Bicep Curls: Stand on the band with feet hip-width apart, hold the band with both hands, and curl your hands up towards your shoulders, keeping your elbows close to your body.
  7. Standing Tricep Extensions: Stand with one foot slightly in front of the other, loop the band under your back foot, and hold it with both hands behind your neck. Extend your arms upward, focusing on the triceps.
  8. Glute Bridges: Lie on your back with the band just above your knees, feet flat on the floor. Lift your hips while pressing your knees against the band, targeting the glutes and hamstrings.

Circuit Instructions:

  • Aim to perform each exercise for about 45-60 seconds, then rest for 15-30 seconds before moving to the next exercise.
  • Repeat the entire circuit 2-3 times, based on your time and fitness level.
  • Focus on controlled movements and maintaining tension in the band throughout the exercises.

3. Utilise Fitness Apps

Workout apps offer a plethora of options, from 10-minute yoga sessions to high- intensity interval training (HIIT) and outdoor runs, enabling you to find something that fits your schedule and preference. These apps often come with customisable workout plans, progress tracking, and virtual coaching, making it easier to stay motivated and on track with your fitness goals, wherever you may find yourself.

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4. Discover Through Walking Tours

Forget the gym; your best workouts could be the exploratory strolls from cobbled streets to breath taking hilltops. Many hotels are now your fitness allies, offering bespoke walking maps that promise not only a good burn but also a deep dive into local culture. But you can up your walking game with savvy apps like GPSmyCity and Pocket Scout. They're game-changers, transforming your casual jaunt into a full- blown fitness adventure, complete with self-guided tours that are so engaging, you'll hardly notice the miles clocking up. Whether it's a serene morning walk or an after- dinner wander, these apps ensure you're never just 'getting your steps in' – you're embarking on a journey of discovery, staying fit, and fabulously immersing yourself in the wonders of your travel destination. Remember to pack your trainers and La Pochette Shoe Carry, ensuring that wherever your walk takes you, your suitcase contents remain unaffected, thanks to its lightweight, washable, and deodorising features.

5. Yoga and stretching

Engaging in yoga or stretching during your travels is not merely beneficial; it's a transformative practice that empowers you to combat the physical and mental challenges of travelling, such as jet lag, cramped muscles, and travel-induced stress. Specific yoga postures, like the Forward Bend or Child’s Pose, can be particularly effective, promoting circulation and easing the tension that accumulates in your body during long flights or drives. Meanwhile, poses such as the Forward Fold (Uttanasana) and Legs-Up-The-Wall (Viparita Karani) are particularly effective. These postures promote circulation, facilitate relaxation, and help reset your body’s internal clock, significantly alleviating the effects of jet lag. Pack the La Pochette Anywhere Everywhere Workout Mat. Lightweight and easily stowable, it's specifically crafted for the traveller who doesn’t want to compromise on their wellness routine, offering a portable solution that fits effortlessly into your travel itinerary. This mat allows you to maintain your practice with ease, providing a consistent space for you to explore and enjoy your yoga journey, no matter where in the world you are.

6. Sleep

Sleep is so important and yet often so elusive when travelling. Here are 3 tips to enhance your sleep while on the move:

  • Pack a sleep mask, a simple yet effective tool to signal your brain it's time to unwind, blocking out intrusive light and creating a makeshift nocturnal haven.
  • Pack Earplugs: Don't let noise disrupt your sleep. Earplugs are a travel essential that can help you maintain a peaceful sleep environment, blocking out noises from these like hotel hallways or noisy street traffic. They are small, lightweight, and can be a game-changer in ensuring you get the restorative sleep you need.
  • Embrace Natural Light: Aim for 20 minutes of natural sunlight exposure first thing in the morning. This practice can help reset your internal clock and improve sleep quality, which is particularly beneficial for countering jet lag and adapting to new time zones.
  • Consider Relaxation Aids: Think about packing magnesium salts or soothing aromatherapy oils. A warm bath infused with these can relax your muscles and mind, setting the stage for a deep, rejuvenating sleep.

7. Use Bodyweight Exercises

Do not underestimate the power of body weight exercises. Push-ups, squats, lunges, and planks require no equipment and can be performed in a small space. They are highly effective for maintaining strength and fitness and can be adapted to suit all levels of fitness.

8. Try a new class at a local fitness studio

Exploring new fitness studios while travelling presents a great opportunity to diversify your exercise routine, by trying a class you might not have tried back home. Whether it's Pilates in Paris, yoga in Bali, or kickboxing in Bangkok, each location offers its unique flavour and challenges, inviting you to step out of your comfort zone. And who knows, flamenco dancing could be your next big thing! Remember to pack your kit and stow it in a La Pochette Sweat Bag. This way, no matter how intense the workout, you can ensure the rest of your luggage stays fresh and odour-free.