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Digging even deeper

As we head towards the end of Plastic Free July, we shine a spotlight on our partner Digme Fitness who are doing their bit for the global movement and beyond with a roll out of sustainable initiatives within their studios.

From this month, in all London locations and their Oxford outpost, the biodegradable bags previously available to Digme devotees have been removed, one of a few actions taken by the luxury boutique studio to contribute to the reduction of single use plastics which has become such a focus for us within modern life over the past few years.

For post workout kit storage the studios all now carry La Pochette antimicrobial No Excuses and Sweat Bags for wet or sweaty kit – cleaner for the earth and cleaner for your favourite work out gear, protecting it from fabric deterioration and lengthening the life of the garments.

Digme trainer Chloe who teaches both Ride and Matrix classes explains:

 “What I love the most about the La Pochette sweat bag is that as a big sweater I usually have a super sweaty and wet clothes after a workout (yes not very nice)  which in a plastic bag is horrific, however in the La Pochette bag the kit doesn’t feel like it just sit there festering, it’s sweatproof yet airy I don’t know how they have done it, and it doesn’t smell!” 

Alongside the ban on single use plastic bag dispensers, Digme have implemented a number of additional changes as part of their eco initiatives including serving their incredible smoothies in compostable vegware containers, designed to break down naturally after use. Even better, you can pre-order yours via their App, online or in the studio before your class for a post workout refuel.

Aloha to a greener approach to fitness!

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