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Switch On with ROWBOTS

ROWBOTS, the new boutique studio gym in Fitzrovia is at the forefront of a fitness innovation. Whilst maintaining good mental health becomes more and more relevant with our modern lifestyles and a crucial aspect of modern sports science, the London gym is the first to combine this within an accessible workout.

The class-based gym brings a new dimension by offering a complete workout for body and mind where you can expect to combine rowing, floor work and motivational mindfulness techniques in your 45 minute session, leaving their state-of-the-art Machine Room feeling strong, empowered and motivated whilst having burned up to 800 calories.

The team behind the concept is impressive, elite sportsman Gareth Bale is co-founder and advisor, recruited by ROWBOTS CEO Sam Green along with a group top fitness professionals including former Team GB Olympians, professional athletes and physical and mental health professionals.

The unique position of bringing mental conditioning to the core of its concept was important to Bale “People always say train your physical body, muscles, fitness, but at the end of the day your brain is the most powerful part of the body,” says Bale. “When you’re really struggling, and you’re tired, you need that mental side to push through.”

Zoe Aston, a psychotherapist who developed the Mental Health Workout™ applied in every ROWBOTS session focusses on motivation and the interaction of the brain during exercise emphasises the need for clients to feel “safe, challenged and accountable”, and therefore “able to fulfil previously blocked potential”.

ROWBOTS offers five classes designed to tackle different mental health objectives from power-based shorter rounds designed to induce productivity ‘Bionic Energy’ or aid goal setting ‘Take Action’ to longer stamina work for improving focus ‘Mental Stamina’ and or building resilience ‘System Reset’. There is also their popular signature, a full body class ‘Switch On’ which is designed to uplift and empower.

Find out more about the concept here, and get ready to awaken your inner power hardwire your mental and physical resilience.