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Such good intentions – reusable bags when shopping, refusing plastic straws in our Negroni and whipping out our keep cups at every opportunity.

But what about our increasing obsession with activewear?

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It’s more than a decade since security rules were introduced to limit the amount of liquid a passenger is permitted in their hand luggage on a commercial flight – so how do you not get caught out?
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The La Pochette collection was designed as a force for sustainable good in everyday life.

Half of all plastics produced globally are destined for single use products – contributing to the eight million tonnes of plastics dumped in our oceans every year. At current rates, the amount of plastic in the world’s oceans is set to treble in the next decade - by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish unless we take action.

Whilst single use cups and straws are identified as the usual suspects, our mission was to create solution-led designs which offered you alternatives to often overlooked major sources of plastic pollution – changing rooms and airport security halls.

Current airport security regulations mean an estimated 5,000 tonnes of plastic waste is thrown away each year, single use liquids bags having an average usage of just minutes. The Vegan Anywhere Everywhere range is made from biodegradeable, solvent free TPU and includes a security and cabin approved size, re-usable on every flight you take.

Elsewhere, sweaty or wet kit is routinely stored in single use plastics in the UKs gyms, studios and swimming pools. The Sweat Bag and No Excuses Pouches signature fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles, antibacterial and deodorising to protect against kit deterioration and unwanted kit odour, stain repellent and washable for convenience. What’s not to love about that?

Adding to our sustainable practices approach, the La Pochette collection also aims to bring convenience and freedom your busy urban life with its highly functional design specifications.  The Sweat bag offers water resistance for damp kit whilst the No Excuses is fully waterproof and can hold wet kit safely within your bag next to personal tech, or hold luggage when travelling. Lightweight and compact, all our pouches are specifically designed to fit within your existing bag – after all, why carry two?

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